Executive board 2019

At the end of each fall semester, we elect an Executive Board to lead Theta Chi into the future. These are men who have demonstrated leadership and best exemplified our values. 



Bryce Fuemmeler

Bryce is a senior from Boonville, Missouri, majoring in both Economics and History, and minoring in Constitutional Democracy. He plays on the Theta Chi Intramural basketball team, and when away from rim stuffing himself, he enjoys reading, writing, and during the summer of 2018, he worked on the Financial Services Committee for Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer. After college, Bryce plans to study consumer protection law while gaining a joint Master of Public Policy degree. He intends in the meanwhile explore careers with political legislation, think tanks, or literary agencies. If you would like to contact Bryce, you can email him at bdfp68@mail.missouri.edu.


Vice President

Carter barajas

Carter is a graduate student from Kansas City, Missouri (also known as “the better side”), and is double majoring in Finance and Real Estate. If Carter isn’t dealing with the internal aspects of the chapter, then he is most likely working or playing basketball at the Mizzou Recreation Complex. Although Carter is from Kansas City, he claims that his status as a Cubs fan was prior to them becoming a powerful playoff team. If you wish to contact Carter, you can reach him at his email cjbywc@mail.missouri.edu.


Vice President of Health and Safety

ted stopke

Ted is a junior from St. Charles, Missouri that is currently majoring in secondary education. When Ted isn’t busy keeping our chapter healthy and safe, you can find him gasping for air on the basketball court or reminding Ned that his love life is going nowhere. If you wish to contact Ted, feel free to email him at tbstk8@mail.missouri.edu.



Ned bargen

Ned is a junior from St. Charles, Missouri currently majoring in Business. As a graduate of Francis Howell high school, Ned played football and volleyball and has many friends from high school in Theta Chi. His favorite pastime is watching the NFL on Sundays with his brothers, and watching his roommate, Zach Weber, stand for the entirety of every Kansas City Chiefs’ game. If you would like to contact Ned, his email is nwbbnx@mail.missouri.edu.



john coveney

John is currently a junior from St. Charles, Missouri, majoring in both Finance and Economics with a minor in Psychology. On campus, John works at the University of Missouri Career Center as a Career Specialist, is a member of the Cornell Leadership Program, and attends Veritas. When John isn’t studying in Cornell or editing resumes, you can find him fishing or embarrassing himself playing rec basketball. John prides himself on having a sub-six second forty time. If you would like to contact John, please email him at johncoveney@mail.missouri.edu.



hunter engle

Hunter is a junior from St. Charles, Missouri, majoring in secondary education. Hunter previously was an assistant marshal to the Fall 2018 pledge class (Tau), and was newly elected marshal for the future Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 classes. When Hunter isn’t delivering sandwiches at Pickleman’s Café, he enjoys hunting, spending quality time with his girlfriend Taetumn, being nice, caring, and overall level-headed. If you would like to contact Hunter, you can email him at hletcd@mail.missouri.com.


Recruitment chair

Trey wright

Trey is a junior from St. Charles, Missouri majoring in finance. Trey was the president of his fall 2017 pledge class, where he built many close relationships to many who have taken leadership positions in the chapter today. Trey wanted to be Recruitment Chair due to his outstanding social skills and ability to rally people as a group. You can most likely find him in his room playing Fifa with his roommate Jace. If you would like to contact Trey, you can email him at tawycn@mail.missouri.edu.


Risk Manager

tristan bevan

Tristan is a junior from Kansas City, Missouri majoring in chemical engineering. Tristan joined Theta Chi in the Spring of 2018, and has been a positive contributor to the chapter through developing great friendships as well as co-directing the skit for Homecoming the following fall semester. When he’s not managing risks, you can him at the MizzouRec or STUMO with the boys. If you would like to contact Tristan, you can email him at tgb8c8@mail.missouri.edu.


Head of Standards

connor tasche

Connor is a senior hailing from Foristell, Missouri majoring in Accounting. Serving his second term as Head of Standards, Connor’s favorite pastime is playing intramural football with his friends at Stankowski Field when it’s not snowing every other day. If you would like to reach out to Connor, his email is cttz63f@mail.missouri.edu.