March's Brother of the Month: Tyler Bak


Born and raised in Omaha, March’s Brother of the Month proves that Nebraska produces more than just corn! Tyler Bak exemplifies Theta Chi’s emphasis on both academics and service through his college career and involvement.

Academically, Tyler is a junior studying Radiography as a part of the elite program offered at Mizzou. Tyler thrives in the classroom and has an intangible drive for success. This career is one that requires lots of schooling, but his passion for serving others pushes him to pursue this health profession. 


His service to others is demonstrated outside of his profession as well. Over winter break, Tyler partook in a Mizzou Alternative Break (MAB) trip in Raleigh, NC. During this trip, he spent a large portion of his break at GiGi’s Playhouse, an establishment centered around the success of people with Down’s Syndrome. While at this location, he assisted in lesson plans teaching social skills, manners, and real-world skills. This summer, Tyler will be traveling to Milwaukee, WI to serve at GiGi's Playhouse again and also Penfield Children’s Center.


Within our chapter, Tyler is the proud father of two, Eric Myers and Mason Hempelmann, and much prouder grandfather of one, Reid Bayliss. When asked about Tyler, brother Zach Doak emphasized his “unreal level of homieness”. We are proud to call Tyler our brother.


“Theta Chi was a great way for me to get to know new people and really thrive as not  only a student, but as a person as well” -Tyler Bak