Theta Chi Dances For The Kids at MizzouThon

Last Saturday, Theta Chi- Iota Mu participated in MizzouThon. Again this year, we got to support our sweet heart Cassidy-Rae "C-Rae" Luebbering and her family as well as the other Miracle Kids by dancing for 13.1 straight hours. 

Nearly fifty members of the Iota Mu chapter came out to support MizzouThon and the Luebbering family throughout the day. A vast majority of our members managed to stay for the whole 13.1 hours and tried our best to continue to put a smile on C-Rae's face. Over the past year, C-Rae has become an essential fixture in the lives of all the men in Theta Chi. C-Rae and her family are as much apart of our fraternity as any other member.

Senior, Tyler Easton, has developed a special bond with the Luebbering family. C-Rae and the Luebbering family mean the world to Tyler, so this MizzouThon was especially special for him. "For me personally, I consider the Luebbering's part of my family," Tyler said, "Renee, C-Rae and Nathan are some of the most genuine and caring people I have ever encountered. C-Rae is an absolute inspiration to me. No matter what she goes through, she always has a beautiful, bright smile on her face. I am so thankful that MizzouThon introduced myself and Theta Chi to the Luebbering's". Tyler's affection for this family has spilled over into the other men of Theta Chi, and that is truly what made MizzouThon such a special experience. 

Theta Chi and Alpha Chi Omega with C-Rae

Theta Chi and Alpha Chi Omega with C-Rae

MizzouThon overall was an incredible event. Various student groups, fraternities, and sororities were represented at MizzouThon, and the opportunity to unify as students to support the Miracle Kids was such a rewarding opportunity. Our Greek Week pairing, Alpha Chi Omega, even got to join us in rallying around C-Rae after Mrs. Luebbering spoke to the crowd about C-Rae, and the struggles they have gone through as a family. .

On top of supporting an incredible cause, MizzouThon was genuine fun. Mike Regan, a freshman member of Theta Chi said about the event, "It was a super rewarding experience that I got to have with not only my fraternity brothers but new friends that I made throughout the day. Also, I will never again feel awkward being the first person dancing at a party, and that's cool."  It truly seemed as if throughout the course of the event you truly began to lose yourself in the stories of the Miracle Kids and their families. Consequently, 13.1 hours shifted from being a countdown, to a mere side note to what was going on that day. The smiles on the kids' faces, and the camaraderie of the students in that room combined to produce an unforgettable, priceless experience. 

MizzouThon raised over 270,000 dollars for the Children's Miracle Network, and it was a privilege to play a part in their cause. 

You can find out more about their cause here: