Brother of the Month (February): Chris Wootten

Chris Wootten, Theta Chi-Iota Mu's recruitment chair, had a big month of February. Chris was elected to be the new recruitment chair in November of 2015. When asked what interested him in running for recruitment Chris said, "To be honest, I thought the position suited my personality best, and I wanted to make an impact on my fraternity." After election, he was immediately given the opportunity to make an impact when he was entrusted with the responsibility of assembling the Spring '16 Xi class. After months of work, Chris officially rounded out a class of 16 men for the Spring Xi class this past February, which is one of the largest spring classes in the Iota Mu chapter's history. Although the number of guys Chris assembled is impressive, the quality and potential of the Xi class pays even more tribute to the work Chris has done. 

Chris; however, does not contribute his success in assembling the Xi class merely to himself, but he points to the brotherhood and camaraderie among the men of the house as his greatest tool to recruiting. "Many of the people we came across had one major question", Chris points out, "and it was 'what kind of brotherhood do you offer?'" With that in mind, Chris made it his first step to invite potential new members to as many events as possible to meet guys in the fraternity, and get a taste of the camaraderie.

Spring '16 Xi class assembled by Chris

Spring '16 Xi class assembled by Chris

Billy Auffenberg, a member of the Xi class, took notice of this approach by Chris and attributes the brotherhood as a main factor to why he joined saying, "Chris peaked my interest in Theta Chi by letting us come to events to show us how strong the brotherhood was within the house." Chris' approach clearly took hold within this new class, and was an essential factor in putting together the new class. 

Although he would never admit it, Chris' personality is his greatest tool to being successful in recruiting. He has a genuine interest in the lives of the people he meets, and his personability was a big draw for potential new members. In fact, several of the members of the Xi class pointed to Chris' personality as a big reason they looked into Theta Chi. Joe Frescura, for instance, points out that "Chris seemed like a guy that genuinely wanted to get to know every guy in the house, and that was the vibe I was looking for."

Even before Chris was the recruitment chair, his ability to be personable with new members was noticed by potential new members. Cole Stoecklein, a member of the Fall '15 Nu class, recalled his first interaction with Chris saying, "Chris was one of the first guys I met in Theta Chi, and we ended up talking for like 45 minutes about golf and just life in general. I was impressed with his ability to get to know a guy so quickly, so he definitely played a big role in my decision to join Theta Chi."  Chris' was strategic in the way he recruited guys, but his personality is one of his greatest tools that really set him apart as an effective recruitment chair. 

The future for Chris as recruitment chair only appears to be getting brighter, and he is already excited to get rolling on assembling the fall '16 class. Throughout the Spring recruitment process Chris was able to develop a lot in his position, and he points to time management as a skill he had to improve in the most. "Time commitment", Chris states, "was the biggest challenge initially. In the first weeks things were a little hectic with planning lunches and group events for the potential new members." His overloaded schedule early in the semester, Chris believes, fine-tuned his time management skills and will ultimately help him recruit with even more effectiveness this coming fall. 

On top of his development, Chris is excited about the acquisition of Theta Chi-Iota Mu's new house in Greek Town that will be in use next semester. The success of this Spring class only shows the unlimited potential for future classes. The new house being in Greek Town, Chris believes, will only enhance his ability to recruit; consequently, he sees the chapter growing tremendously in the near future. 

This last February was merely a glimpse of the potential Chris has as a recruitment chair. As he continues to develop in his role, his ability to recruit will only become more and more effective. The outlook for recruitment is bright, and if Chris continues his good work he may be here again as Brother of the Month next August.