Brother of the Month (March): Tyler Easton

Tyler Easton, a Senior member of Theta Chi, had a particularly huge month of March. He received two big honors, and also served as a leader for coordinating our involvement in the recent MizzouThon event. 

The month of March started off with Tyler being selected to "Mizzou '39". Mizzou '39 is an award set up to honor the 39 outstanding seniors from each class. Those selected showed excellence in academic achievement, leadership, and service. Easton is commonly looked up to as one of the hardest workers in Theta Chi, so we were excited to see him receive this reward in return for all of the hard work he has put into his career at Mizzou. Mizzou '39 meant a lot to Tyler as well. Tyler was especially thankful for the honor because it gave him the chance to thank his mentor, Dr. Mary Beth Marrs. Tyler said about the opportunity, "Mizzou '39 gave me the platform to thank my mentor. My mentor had such a positive impact on my college career that I wanted to make sure I was truly able to thank her for all that she had done for me." The Mizzou '39 banquet was set up to honor Tyler, but Tyler says he viewed it as an opportunity to honor his mentor, which is a true testament to his character.

Despite majoring in Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance, Tyler has managed to remain very involved with Theta Chi. His involvement was very evident in the way he lead our participation in MizzouThon. Tyler has developed a close bond with the Luebberings, our miracle family, so he took great pains to ensure that we had a great showing at MizzouThon. Due to his hardwork, MizzouThon was an incredible success, and we got to shower the Luebbering family with love and support throughout that day. Tyler considers C-Rae and the Luebberings his family, so his leadership in MizzouThon wasn't an obligation. Rather, it was his genuine desire to serve that family, which further proves what distinguishes Tyler as an outstanding person worthy of the honors he has received. 

However, the honors didn't stop at Mizzou '39 for Tyler. Later in the month of March, he was named to Greek Week royalty. On being named to Greek Royalty, Tyler said he was "Incredibly excited. I realize now that I only have 5 weeks or so left of college, and in those last week I am determined to spend my time meeting as many as many people as possible." Being on Greek Week Royalty has given Tyler the opportunity to interact with a group of students he's never met before, and also has allowed him to be directly involved in awesome events such as the blood drive, and the sporting events. Tyler is definitely deserving of the Greek Week honor, and he is determined to make the most of it.

If his achievements aren't enough proof, Tyler's character alone is enough to affirm all the awards and honors he has received. There are very few people more deserving than Tyler, and we are excited to see what the future holds for him. If his future is anything like the month of March, it should be pretty bright.