Homecoming 2017

This past month and a half, the Iota Mu chapter had been preparing for the 106th Homecoming here at Mizzou. Our pairing this year was with the women of Sigma Kappa and men of Beta Upsilon Chi. Each house conducted a lot of hard work and was involved in some way, whether it was participating in fling, running the 5K, doing service projects around the Columbia area, or even pomping. One area we excelled very well in was Fling (Skit and dance) placing in the top 3.

“My favorite part about homecoming is always meeting tons of new people and bonding over group tasks. My second favorite part is when the preparation for homecoming is all done and you get to sit back and watch all the families see all the hard work your pairing did.” - John Williams III

All the pledge classes came together and helped out in every way possible. Our new members did a great job helping out with all of the activities leading up to homecoming. “I loved their effort and appreciated their time to help us succeed”, Zach Smith’s reflection of the new members’ work.

“My favorite part of homecoming is seeing everything come together in the end. I love Friday evening and Saturday when all the alumni are out, future Tigers are running around, and the actives are hanging out with one another. That’s what makes it all worthwhile in the end for me. It’s a simply incredible environment that I can’t wait to return to when I’m (eventually) graduated”. – Justin Weisgarber

The head liaisons for Theta Chi this year were: Justin Weisgarber (senior), Zach Smith (senior), and John Williams III (Junior). These men spent countless hours trying to make this a homecoming one to remember with it being Justin and Zach’s last homecoming. When asking Zach how this homecoming compared to others he said, “It was different because we did a lot of the things at Sigma Kappa. It brought all the seniors right back where they started homecoming, because we were paired up with them when we were freshman. This was my second year as head liaison and I thought I learned a lot from last year to improve this year”. This homecoming was very fun and we can’t wait for Greek Week in the spring.