February's Brother of the Month: Cole Stoecklein


For the month of February, our chapter honors the impeccable leadership of our brother, Cole Stoecklein. Cole is a senior marketing student who has served both our chapter and the greater Mizzou community with his leadership talents.

Within our chapter, Cole has served as President, Risk Manager, Head of Public Relations, and on Scholarship Committee. Through these positions, Cole enhanced our relations with IFC, Mizzou administration, and other Greek chapters. One of his greatest accomplishments during his presidency was assisting in the development of both of our main philanthropy events: Bootin’ Out Breast Cancer and Kickin’ it For the Troops. His impact on our chapter will be seen for many years down the road.


Outside of our chapter, Cole prides himself on being a part of the Student Mobilization leadership team. This organization focuses on helping college students develop in their Christian faith, something central to Cole’s character. In addition to the Stumo Leadership team, Cole was recently selected as part of the elite Mizzou 39, recognizing 39 distinguished graduating seniors.


Moving forward, Cole will be working at the Stumo’s summer project called “Kaleo” until August where he will assume his position at TekSystems in Kansas City.


He sums up his Mizzou experience in three simple words: “It was fun”